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Congratulations to Kelly and Kelley of Magnolia Neuro Rehab!

The owners,Kelly and Kelley, are two exceptional Occupational Therapists offering Private Neuro Rehab.  They also offer specialized rehab for Parkinson’s patients.

What We Do
We provide outpatient occupational therapy to teens and adults who are dealing with neurological deficits. Our goal is to increase independence, confidence and quality of life through treatments to restore function, as well as training on use of adaptive equipment, assistive technology, compensatory strategies and ways to manage pain and fatigue. We specialize in treatments for:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Stroke
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Parkinson's
  • MS
  • many other neurological diagnoses

We provide neuro rehab, vision therapy, caregiver training, the LSVT BIG program, functional capacity evaluations and home safety/modification consulting. We offer free consultations for anyone interested in learning more about how we can help reach goals.

The LSVT BIG Program
This is a well-researched program that has been helping individuals with Parksinson's increase walking speed, improve balance and enhance independence with everyday tasks. It works to "recalibrate" the system in our body that is affected by Parkinson's. It's a program that takes some commitment, but we stand by the results! This is a standardized treatment protocol, which is customized to the unique goals of each patient including both gross and fine motor skills.

LSVT BIG treatment consists of:
  1. 16 sessions: 4 consecutive days a week for 4 weeks
  2. Individual 1 hour sessions
  3. Daily homework practice
  4. Daily carryover exercises

Magnolia Neuro Rehab
Kelly Eichelberger, OTR/L
Kelley Pacillo, OTR/L
Phone: 256-513-9444
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Flexibility is the ability to move joints effectively through an unrestricted and pain free range of motion. You need to stretch your muscles to increase their length and allow for full movement in your joints. Flexibility is an important component of fitness, overall health and well being.

Below are 6 benefits of improving your flexibility:

  1. Fewer Injuries
  2. Less Pain
  3. Improved Posture and Balance
  4. A Positive State of Mind
  5. Greater Strength
  6. Improved Physical Performance

I am often asked to say exactly how this techniques works, and honestly, it can be difficult to describe! So I will do my best here to highlight what I find to be the most important aspects of Craniosacral therapy, and to bring a better understanding of just how it works.

When practicing Craniosacral therapy, I evaluate and treat a client through assessing the Craniosacral rhythm, assessing the subtle movement of cranial bones, spine and sacrum, and treating any restrictions or loss of movement that affects the body.

Assessing Craniosacral rhythm (CSR) means monitoring the flow of Cerebrospinal fluid through your head, down your spinal column to your pelvis and back up. It is a natural rhythm that everyone has, and the flow is constant. Once the CSR is noted, then I begin to feel where your system may have a restriction which causes the rhythm to be affected.

Cupping has become one of my “go to” treatments because it consistently helps my clients. The positive results from cupping include significant pain reduction and increased mobility. Cupping provides a type of Myofascial release treating a layer of tissue that is commonly overlooked. I have had great success with clients with a variety of diagnosis. Here are a couple of examples;

One client had injured her knee and had two knee surgeries. Following the surgeries she had chronic pain affecting her entire leg. She had received PT, massage, and still was not able to walk without pain. This client came to me specifically for Cupping. Her results were amazing. After several cupping sessions she is now walking easily and hiking up to an hour without pain.

Hello! I am Nicholas Choppa and it is my honor working with individual clients helping them on their journey to health and wellness. I am a Nationally Board Certified and Licensed Acupuncturist and a Licensed Massage Therapist. It is my passion to combine my training of both Acupuncture and Medical Massage in order to provide unique, therapeutic treatment sessions designed to reduce pain, promote healing, and restore balance to your system. I strive to make sure that everyone’s unique needs and circumstances are treated with care and the utmost professionalism. Your treatment will always be carefully considered and discussed, and your best interests will be held in the highest regard. I recognize that each individual is destined to walk a unique path to Wellness. Your privacy will always be respected, your pain will always be heard, and you will always be cared for in your personal treatment process.

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