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Flexibility is the ability to move joints effectively through an unrestricted and pain free range of motion. You need to stretch your muscles to increase their length and allow for full movement in your joints. Flexibility is an important component of fitness, overall health and well being.

Below are 6 benefits of improving your flexibility:

  1. Fewer Injuries
  2. Less Pain
  3. Improved Posture and Balance
  4. A Positive State of Mind
  5. Greater Strength
  6. Improved Physical Performance

As we age we lose a small amount of flexibility but we can train flexibility and improve it. If you are stretching before a workout or “cold” then you should do dynamic stretching. For example, if you are headed out to walk your dog try gently swinging your leg side to side to stretch out the hip or march in place. If you are stretching after a workout then the most effective way is a static stretch where you hold the stretch for 30 seconds -just don’t go past your “edge” to where the stretch hurts.

Want to learn more about flexibility training and how to apply it to your workouts and in your daily life? We are happy to help you improve your flexibility and reap the benefits.

As always, remember, Movement is Medicine!
~ Meredith
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