Navigating Toward Health
with Personalized Physical Therapy and Wellness.

Personalized Therapy

True North offers personalized treatment sessions typically scheduled in 60 minute increments. The entirety of every session is directly with your physical therapist. You will never be passed on to an aid or technician, and you will not be left on a machine for another client. This allows us to develop the relationship needed to work together in achieving your health and rehabilitation goals.

Physical Therapy

The practice is based on knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. By assessing movements and body systems, PT can help with recovery from injury and illness. This is done through combining manual therapy, movement re-education and therapeutic exercise. Your sessions will include hands-on techniques and exercises best for your individual lifestyle and goals.


Wellness is defined as a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit that results in an overall feeling of being well. We offer individualized ‘wellness’ care based on your needs. Under Wellness, you may receive manual therapy, movement based therapy, or a combination of both that best suits your needs.

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