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I myself am a PT, and if you have pain I urge you to give Caroline Choppa’s treatment a try. I was under the care of an osteopath for 20+ years for reoccurring headaches. It wasn’t until I began care with Caroline that not only did my headaches recede to infrequent (now typically only after a new injury or aggravator) but she has also given me an increased activity/movement tolerance and resilience that I once thought was out of my reach.

As a bonus she is also skilled at lymphatic drainage and has assisted with reducing the edema which tends to build up in my upper arm and lateral chest wall from prior mastectomy and radiation due to breast cancer. Caroline’s skill is outweighed only by her kindness."
Mary T.

I want to give Meredith Johnson my highest accolade for the treatment she recently provided me.  As a former military officer, I have been doing Cross Fit-type workouts for many years and when I hurt my back, Meredith immediately made time to work with me.  She was spot on with her diagnosis and her rehab regime of stretches, breathing exercises and also a mental approach were exactly what I needed to get through this injury.  Meredith's respect, compassion and affable approach to patient care are first class.  I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this and returning my quality of life."

Caroline Choppa is a unique person and I’m so blessed to have found her. My health issues had become chronic due to buried trauma. Through her compassion and knowledge of healing she helped me get my life back. Craniosacral therapy was the best treatment for me in my stage of healing. I never realized that the body had a natural ability to heal. I always felt “ broken.” She told me “the cracks are how the light comes in!” She also taught me how to find JOY in every day ! Thanks to her I am doing just that!."
Kate R.

I was fortunate to meet Meredith Johnson last summer. I had been suffering from chronic neck and lower back pain for the last 5 years. I tried desperately to “fix it”, seeing several doctors, yet still feeling debilatated with pain. I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ, and PTSD. My nervous system was frayed, in fight or flight mode all the time and my body was tired. I had an immediate connection with her, and I trusted her. She taught me that “The Nervous System is Queen!” She gave me hope and I felt like she truly cared about me as a person not just a client. She taught me how to care for myself by gradually doing different exercises. These are lessons for life! I am painting, hiking, biking and doing the things I love again. I am forever grateful to her and her knowledge of the human body and spirit."

No words can really express my appreciation for the expert care and compassion that I received from Caroline Choppa. I found Caroline after working with other PTs that did not understand how to treat my concussions, nerve damage and other orthopedic issues. Caroline is incredibly skilled, a wonderful listener and considers how to heal the whole body. She was able to understand my injuries, develop a treatment plan, and give me hope that I would heal. I am certain that I would not have recovered as well if I had not been lucky enough to work with Caroline."
Jen B.

Caroline is a gifted healer who takes time to listen and find the best treatment fit for all of her patients. She is willing to think outside the box and find unique solutions for health issues. I'm so grateful for the help that she gave me and found in her not only a tremendously talented therapist but a wonderful person."
Emily W.

I think Caroline Choppa is the best physical therapist I have had, and I have been to many. She has a very balanced approach that includes hands-on as well as exercise techniques. I fell on an icy sidewalk in the mid-1970s when I was about 20 years old. I have experienced neck and knee problems ever since. To try and cope with the pain over the years, I have been to chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, and physial therapists. In the last decade, I have had issues with plantar fasciitis and then slipped a disk. I continued to make the rounds with various phycial therapists trying to alleviate the numbness in my left leg and foot. I had once had some pain relief with myofascial release and was on my third physical therapist, who thought that I might find more help with Caroline. That was the best advice I have ever gotten! I do not know all the various techniques that Caroline uses - I just know that I found relief. Caroline is very intelligent, as well as caring, compassionate, empathetic, and gentle, and she has a fabulous sense of humor. She listened to me, worked with me, and respected me. My appointments with Caroline were not only a treatment, but also a treat. Caroline really helped me, and my advice to anyone in pain should make an appointment asap with Caroline Choppa."
Ann C.

Caroline treated our two-year-old son who had been complaining of back pain for several months. This was our first experience with cranial sacral therapy and we quickly realized that she is a gifted, in-tune, and personable therapist.
Learning through x-ray that our son had a considerable stool blockage in his intestines, we turned to Caroline for a more holistic approach to healing. After just a few sessions, our son’s complaints became less frequent and we even began seeing results as quickly as 30 minutes after leaving Caroline’s practice.
Caroline was effective in her care and we feel fortunate to have found someone who could be engaging, PATIENT, and loving toward our young son. Caroline helped him achieve and maintain maximum wellness. She is a gifted and highly recommended therapist."
K.H. - Huntsville, AL

When I found True North and Caroline Choppa, I finally found relief to my chronic lower back pain. Through Caroline's professional and expert guidance, I made changes to my life that made substantive changes to the pain that was with me daily. i know that the work is mind to do, but Caroline helped me down that path."
Linda J. - Huntsvile, AL

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