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TRUE NORTH PHYSICAL THERAPY and WELLNESS, LLC does not currently participate with any insurance provider, and is considered an ‘Out-of-Network Provider’. This means Patients are responsible for paying for treatment at time of service. Patients will be given receipts to submit to their insurance carrier for reimbursement. These receipts will have all necessary information to allow reimbursement including diagnostic and procedural codes, PT State Medical license number, and tax identification number.
Because TRUE NORTH does not accept insurance, it is strongly recommended that you contact your insurance company IN ADVANCE to find out what your ‘Out-of-Network’ benefits are for Physical Therapy or Wellness. Wellness care is often not covered under insurance directly, but you may be able to use your ‘Flexible Health Accounts’ to offset this cost.
Some recommended questions for insurance carriers are here:

  1. Do I have ‘Out-of-Network’ Physical Therapy coverage? If so, what percentage of treatment cost will be covered?
  2. What is my deductible and has it been met this calendar year?
  3. How many sessions of PT per year am I covered for?
  4. Is there an annual cap in coverage to my Physical Therapy coverage?

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