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1. How much does a session cost?
  • Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation $162
  • Physical Therapy Subsequent Treatment Sessions $136
  • Wellness Session $120

Packages available: Pay up front for 5 Wellness sessions at $535 (savings of $65)

2. Do I need a prescription for Physical Therapy Treatment?
Alabama State Law allows a Patient to be seen for a Physical Therapy Evaluation without requiring a prescription or ‘script’ from your doctor (MD, DO, DC, Nurse Practitioner, Podiatrist, Dentist). However, all subsequent visits REQUIRE a signed script from a physician.

3. Do I need a prescription for Wellness Care?
Alabama State Law does NOT require a prescription for you to receive Wellness care from a licensed Physical Therapist.

4. How often will I need to be treated, and for how long?
There are several factors that determine both frequency and longevity of care. These factors include acute versus chronic condition, severity of symptoms, general health, and type of therapy services desired. Typically during early stages of treatment you would be expected to have treatment once per week, but this often quickly diminishes to 1-2 treatments per month.  Individuals receiving Cranial-Sacral and Visceral therapies require time between sessions to allow their body to integrate the manual work received, and may have treatment only once per month depending on needs.

5. What should I wear ?
It is important that your therapist be able to ‘see’ your system for accurate assessment, and skin-to-skin contact is needed for most manual techniques. It is best to wear comfortable, loose clothing including shorts, sports bra, or camisoles.

6. How will I feel after a session?
It is common for clients to feel fatigued following a session, and often to feel a little sore or ‘punky’. This can last for a few hours, and usually resolves within 24-48 hours.
Others may also feel some immediate relief. If your symptoms are more chronic in nature it is important to know that symptoms will typically diminish in severity and frequency over time…try not to be discouraged if results are not immediately complete. Sometimes as symptoms resolve in layers and it might take time for your body to recover.

7. When will I experience results?
Some patients do experience immediate relief from symptoms, but for most it takes a few sessions before positive changes are strong. Each persons recovery is unique.

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