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No words can really express my appreciation for the expert care and compassion that I received from Carolina Choppa. I found Caroline after working with other PTs that did not understand how to treat my concussions, nerve damage and other orthopedic issues. Caroline is incredibly skilled, a wonderful listener and considers how to heal the whole body. She was able to understand my injuries, develop a treatment plan, and give me hope that I would heal. I am certain that I would not have recovered as well if I had not been lucky enough to work with Caroline."
Jen B.

Caroline is a gifted healer who takes time to listen and find the best treatment fit for all of her patients. She is willing to think outside the box and find unique solutions for health issues. I'm so grateful for the help that she gave me and found in her not only a tremendously talented therapist but a wonderful person."
Emily W.

I think Caroline Choppa is the best physical therapist I have had, and I have been to many. She has a very balanced approach that includes hands-on as well as exercise techniques. I fell on an icy sidewalk in the mid-1970s when I was about 20 years old. I have experienced neck and knee problems ever since. To try and cope with the pain over the years, I have been to chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, and physial therapists. In the last decade, I have had issues with plantar fasciitis and then slipped a disk. I continued to make the rounds with various phycial therapists trying to alleviate the numbness in my left leg and foot. I had once had some pain relief with myofascial release and was on my third physical therapist, who thought that I might find more help with Caroline. That was the best advice I have ever gotten! I do not know all the various techniques that Caroline uses - I just know that I found relief. Caroline is very intelligent, as well as caring, compassionate, empathetic, and gentle, and she has a fabulous sense of humor. She listened to me, worked with me, and respected me. My appointments with Caroline were not only a treatment, but also a treat. Caroline really helped me, and my advice to anyone in pain should make an appointment asap with Caroline Choppa."
Ann C.

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