Hello, I’m Caroline Choppa, the proud owner of TRUE NORTH PHYSICAL THERAPY and WELLNESS, LLC. My journey in becoming a Physical Therapist stems from a love of science and medicine, and the desire to be of service. My passion is in combining therapeutic manual therapy with exercise and movement re-education in order to assist the body’s inherent desire to heal.  
I graduated in 1984 from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served as a Military Intelligence Officer. I worked hard, served my country and traveled the world, and am grateful for these life experiences and the individuals that enriched my life. After leaving the military, I began volunteering at a Rehabilitation Hospital near Fort Bragg, NC, where the focus was on neurological patients with strokes, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries, and I knew I wanted to do this work for the rest of my life. I simply fell in love with PT and its focus on individual recovery.

After completing prerequisites at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and Fayetteville State University, I graduated in 1994 with an MSPT from University of Indianapolis, Krannert School for Physical Therapy.  I have worked for the past 21 years in the United States and overseas in Germany and Moldova. My work experiences include: acute care, neurologic rehabilitation, geriatric and pediatric care, outpatient orthopedics, sports medicine, and wellness.

For the past 10 years I have focused on mastering manual therapy skills. After experiencing my own health crisis, manual therapy from skilled providers gave me my life back. The experience profoundly changed how I approach patient care, and I now work differently from other therapists. I don’t work by a template, each patient is an individual case and needs their own kind of attention.

I have extensive experience and practice in providing Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and Myofascial Release. I also integrate postural realignment exercises that are tremendously beneficial to clients. Through combining these techniques I have been helpful in providing relief to clients with a wide range of chronic health problems. I specialize in working with clients experiencing chronic pain, illness or fatigue, post-concussion or neural impairment, body torsions, abdominal pain, and post-surgery problems.

I have profound respect for the body and its ability to protect and compensate allowing us to ‘move’ through life. Our unique life experiences contribute to posture, movement, mood, health and vitality. Injuries and traumas affect us all differently, and sometimes we need help in healing. This is where I come in. During our one-on-one treatment sessions I will work with you providing focused manual therapy and specific movements/exercises facilitating the return of alignment, health, and hope.

By integrating holistic therapies and your own body’s inherent desire to heal, together we can help you find your way back to good health, and ultimately, find your True North.

I am extremely grateful to my wonderful mentors, Pam Wood and Diane Stroud, who encouraged my development of manual therapy skills combined with client-focused analytical thinking. And for Karen Taylor-Soiles for your constant encouragement!
"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall."
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